Bachelors in Computer and Information Sciences

Bachelors in Computer and Information Sciences (65-66 hours)

By permission of the Department Chair only.


Required courses for admission to the major (15 hours)

  • CIS 101 Beginning Programming (3)
  • CIS 202 Object Oriented Programming I (3)
  • CIS 205/L Discrete Mathematics I/Lab (3)
  • IT 280/L Data Communications/Lab (3)
  • Lower division CS/IS/IT (3)

To be accepted into this major, you must pass all courses listed above with a C or better. You must also have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Core Requirements (17-18 hours)

  • CIS 206/L Discrete Mathematics II/Lab (3) or Math 119 Calculus (4) [or Math 112 Calculus I (5) or Math 113 Calculus II (5)]
  • Math 221 Principles of Statistics I (3)
  • IS 350 Database Management (3)*
  • CIS 305 Systems Engineering I (3)*
  • CIS 405 Systems Engineering II (3)*
  • CIS 470 Ethics in Computer and Information Sciences (2)*

*classes for admitted majors only

Content Area Electives (18 additional hours)

  • Any additional CIS, CS, IS, IT courses
  • Up to one additional lab-based course in Science beyond General Education Requirements
  • Up to one additional course in Mathematics numbered 112 or above

Advanced CIS Electives (15 additional hours)

  • Upper-division CS, IS or IT courses
  1. One grade of D+, D, or D- may be applied toward a Computer Information Systems major
  2. One retake is allowed per class, for up to three classes. Additional retakes require special permission.
  3. A department-approved assessment test must be taken during your last full semester at BYUH, and is recommended annually