Program and Degrees

Admission to All Programs

All undergraduate degree programs in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences are closed enrollment. Students wishing to major in Computer Science (CS), Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) begin as Undeclared CIS students (CISUND), complete specific requirements and apply to a degree granting program in the CIS department.

Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission is competitive based on available resources. The minimum requirements for application to each program are as follows:

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Receive at least B- in CIS 200 or (IS and IT only).
  3. Receive a C (not C-) or better in:
    BSCS: CIS 101, CIS 202, CIS 205, IT 280/L.
    BSIS: CIS 101, CIS 200, IT 224/L, IT 240, IT 280/L.
    BSIT: CIS 101, CIS 200, IT 224/L, IT 240, IT 280/L.
  4. None of the above courses may be repeated more than once.
  5. No more than three of the above courses may be repeated.

Students wishing to Minor in CS, IS or IT must complete the minor program sheet and have approval from the appropriate program chair before completing upper-division courses in the specific Minor area or CIS 470.

Major and Minor Requirements

All hours of credit applied toward a major in the Computer & Information Sciences Department must be a C- or better, except that up to 3 credit hours of D is allowed. One retake is allowed per class, for up to three classes.

All hours applied toward a minor must be C- or better.

During their last full semester at BYU–Hawaii all students are required to complete program-specific assessment testing.